We started your devops yesterday !
Build your entire infrastructure in 1 hour with "Mainstack" and start off your project on the right foot.
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and focus on your core strengths

Nos services

DevOps consulting

You need a infrastructure for your project ? You need experienced DevOps Engineer(s) ? We bring the DevOps tools and culture to your project and embark with you on your agile project adventure.

Let's talk about you, we offer a free one hour consulting session (or 2 if needed) with one of our guys/girls. Click here to book your free session

Managed Cloud

You want to focus on building amazing products and avoid the hassle of operational work ? We can handle it for you entirely

Our values

No bullshit

We really prefer to go straight to the point. Sugar coating things and bike-shedding about issues ain't our philosophy. There's an issue ? You have a concern ? We'll discuss them directly and focus on finding solutions without 13 meetings. One particular example is: if we think we aren't the right people for you, we'll tell you


Although we strive for state-of-the-art and high-quality infrastructures, we believe "Done is better than perfect". Most of the time you need working solutions today (and often yesterday), not a perfect solution next month. Our approach here is to generate the quickest paths to the solution we can find, discuss the trade-offs involved with you and have a plan for the next iteration.


Every business relation needs trust to flourish. Trust not being sold at every convenience store, we'll have to build it together. One of the key ingredient is transparency:  We apply the motto "Say what you do and do what you say", every step of the way.

Our skills


We love Kubernetes ! The de facto standard of the cloud has very little secrets for us, as well as its state-of-the art tools like Helm, Prometheus, Traefik, ...

Agile and DevOps

We've been breast-fed with Agile since our very first lines of code. This is just how we think. Just as well, the DevOps methodology and culture is at the core of our values.
Concretely, this means when we work together, we'll embed ourselves into your teams, not create another silo. It also means we'll empower your developpers, not add friction

Linux on any Cloud

A great DevOps is beforehand a great developper. Most of us have a background in system development before we starting doing Ops work. We know Linux very well and quite deeply, allowing us to handle it on any cloud
Brings peace to your project
We've been building infrastructures for quite some years now. What we realized is that many project's infrastructures have some common characteristics:
  • They use the same standard components (S3-like object storage, PostgreSQL and Redis);
  • We start building them when we already need them;
  • When they're ready, they already have accumulated quite some amount of technical debt;
  • and some critical aspects like observability are very often overlooked, or sub-par
To address those issues, and allow the builders to focus on building, we developed a tool that can bootstrap and manage a standard infrastructure in just a few commands, but without the compromises that come from using a PaaS. With mainstack, you stay on your cloud, and you can take over with your own tools at any moment.
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